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What the Judges are looking for?

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  • Sustainability and the importance of being green within your business

  • Excellent People management - evidence of a high-performance, employee engagement, strong employee retention.

  • Evidence of growth in sales and revenue

  • Scalability of product and/or sales

  • Impact on overall business

  • Examples of marketing strategy

  • Growth of the clients within your business.

  • Evidence of innovation within your business

  • Examples of customer satisfaction

  • What makes you different to your competitors?

  • What makes you unique?

  • Brand – the role of branding in your business model

  • How your service and/or delivery model give you a competitive edge

  • Capacity for further growth – how scalable is your business?

  • What are the means by which you are planning to drive future growth?

  • Overview of loyalty initiatives that have been implemented to encourage customer engagement

  • Examples of how customer engagement has contributed to the growth of the business

  • Demonstrable the positive impact of your employee strategy on business success and growth

  • Show examples of excellence in people management, staff remuneration and workforce motivation

  • Recruitment and retention strategies

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  • Strong track record success (in current and/or previous businesses)

  • Evidence of the creation of a scalable business or brand

  • Outstanding personal ambition and vision

  • Strong and positive leadership of your business and workforce

  • Examples of quality customer engagement

  • Product/service innovation

  • Benefits of keeping the business family-owned (if applicable)

  • Outstanding personal ambition and vision

  • Evidence of strong and positive leadership

  • Examples of how you are impacting your industry

  • Future strategy and scale of vision for the company’s development

  • Details of difficulties faced and overcome

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