A strong business community...
  • Creates employment & attracts talent
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Share ideas, expertise & support
  • Produces a healthier, wider community across Herefordshire

Celebrating the achievements of Herefordshire's businesses large or small across the County 


The Herefordshire Business Awards were established in 2017 by Rich and Kim Beale from Bookkeeping4U and Richard and Kerry Low from Character Design.


The 2022 Herefordshire Business Awards are brought to you by Herefordshire Means Business and are a celebration of talent and success across the County, rewarding Herefordshire’s high achievers, inspirational leaders and growing businesses.

The Awards are looking for businesses that:
  • Value their staff and invest in their future

  • Give young people the confidence to achieve

  • Create great places to work and shop

  • Being part of the Herefordshire community

  • Create a place where ideas and creativity can flow

  • Have the ability to solve life problems

  • Don’t allow growth at the expense of our resources, but where people, planet and profit work together.

The aim of the Herefordshire Business Awards is to be the largest and most prestigous event in the County, showcasing local business, creating a strong community and putting Herefordshire on the map


Through my role, I attend a large number of awards and this was one which is not to be missed. It was beautifully organized, prestigious and impressive and so were the winners.
Mr Bill Wiggin MP